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Charlottesville Clock Repair FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about watch repair in Virginia. If you have any other questions regarding Virginia watch & clock repair, feel free to contact us or drop by our Charlottesville clock repair shop.

Can I over wind my clock?

Wind the clock fully. Contrary to myth a mantel clock spring cannot be over wound or broken by finger power. Wind them up as much as you can! It is best to wind on regular times. Clocks that run for 8 days usually perform best if wound on the same day such as Sunday.

My clock runs either slow or fast how can I adjust the time keeping?

Regulating your clock is adjusting the rate of timekeeping or making the clock run faster if it loses time. The adjustment is made with the rating nut on the bottom of the pendulum. When adjusting hold the pendulum bob in your left hand turning the nut to the right (tightening) makes the clock run faster. Turning to the left (loosening) makes the clock run slower. After adjusting be sure that the pendulum bob rests on the rating nut. Hang the pendulum on the suspension hook, swing the pendulum about ½ inch and the clock should start to run

Move the rating nut only a little bit and let the clock run for 24 hours to observe the change in time keeping. If necessary repeat the steps until the clock keeps the desired time.

My clock does not show the correct time how do I change it?

To set the time you want the clock to show, move the minute hand forward (clockwise) with gentle finger power. NEVER move the minute hand backwards (counterclockwise) on this clock. Backward movement can damage to the mechanism. When advancing the time, pause at (6,and 12 positions) for the chime/strike to complete. If your clock has a quarter hour strike pause at each 15 minutes (3,6,9 and 12 positions) for the chime/strike to complete

Should the count of the hours get out of sequence with the positions shown by the hands, move the hour hand to the correct hour either in a forward or backward move. The hour hand is friction fit and will not be damaged by this move. Should the hour hand loosen in this move press the hand towards the dial with thumbnail at the hub near the center of the clock to insure a snug fit.

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